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Washington vs. Plymouth

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Plymouth and Washington advance
Author: By Greg Hadley South Bend Tribune
PLYMOUTH — The underdogs had some fight in them, but the favorites asserted their dominance and advanced comfortably in the Class 4-A boys basketball sectionals at Plymouth on Wednesday night.
Washington imposes their will
Author: By Al Lesar South Bend Tribune
SOUTH BEND — Only one way to describe Washington’s boys basketball teamFriday night: Selfish. The Panthers had no intention of sharing the Northern Indiana Conferencechampionship, and it showed in their 69-50 domination of Marian. Washington came i
Washington clinches share of crown
Author: By Greg Hadley South Bend Tribune
ELKHART — It was ugly, messy and very nearly not enough, but in the end, Washington scrapped by Elkhart Central, 50-47, to claim a share of the Northern Indiana Conference boys basketball title Friday night.
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