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Washington vs. Gary West

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Excellent execution
Author: By Al Lesar South Bend Tribune
SOUTH BEND – Midway through the fourth quarter, Washington had a three-point lead, the basketball and a plan. Marian, though, had the execution. Turnovers on three-straight Panther possessions, and another defensive stop, allowed the Knights (5-0,
High school basketball: Washington recovers to top Adams
Author: By Al Lesar South Bend Tribune
SOUTH BEND – Double-digit deficits didn’t mean a thing tothe Washington High Schoolboys basketball team Thursday night. Three times the Panthers (2-1) trailed by wide margins.Three times they came back, and finally battled Adams (1-3) to the wire.
Washington travels to Adams
Author: Coach
Washington (1-1) will travel to South Bend Adams to take on the 1-2 Eagles.  This will be the first N.I.C. match up for both teams.
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Ryan Varga just posted a photo
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